Never Built: Los Angeles at the Architecture and Design Museum

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By Rawan Al- Jamal

UPSN visited Never Built: Los Angeles at the Architecture and Design Museum on September 21st, 2013.  The small, but unique museum offered various exhibits that explored the “what if” Los Angeles. The exhibits highlighted why many of these ideas were never built. The plans and designs that were proposed and conceptualized but never became a reality, many of them planned by well known architects such as Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright. The exhibits highlighted how different Los Angeles would have looked instead of what exists today. Each exhibit had its own description, photos, renderings, blueprints, illustrations and a model of what it would have looked like had it been built. Overall, although in the past, many of these “never built” ideas promoted higher density, vibrant and transit oriented developments that have inspired current and future projects in Los Angeles


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