The 2016-2017  UPSN Officers are as follows:

President – Susana Martinez

Susana (edited)

Susana Martinez is the UPSN President for the 2016-17 academic year. Currently she is a Senior at California State University, Northridge double majoring in Urban Studies & Planning focusing on Economic, Housing and Community Development and Family & Consumer Science with an option in Education. After completion of her bachelor’s degree Susana intends to enter a Planning program to obtain her Master’s Degree. Susana would like to focus on the issues that effect low income communities within the City of Los Angeles. Her main focus would be in economic development, affordable housing and community revitalization. 

As an EOP student and a front desk student assistant at the Advising Resource Center/EOP and EOP Admissions, Susana has worked with many incoming Freshmen and Transfer students from all over California that are first generation college students. She has assisted in many parent workshops that give valuable information to the parents of the student who apply for EOP.

In her leisure time, Susana enjoys to read books and go on adventures around Los Angeles with her daughter.

Vice President – Sarah Boylan

Sarah (edited)

Secretary – Raquel Menanno

Raquel (edited)

Hi my name is Raquel Menanno and I am the secretary for UPSN.  I am an Urban Studies and Planning major focusing on environmental planning and sustainability,  with a minor in GIS.  Besides UPSN, I am also a member of the Sustainability Committee within Associated Students.  I have an english bull terrier named Sassy and I enjoy going to Da Poetry Lounge.

Treasurer – Aldo Ortega

Aldo (edited)

Public Relations Director & Media Manager – Morgan Spadone

Morgan (edited)

Morgan Spadone is a multimedia-man with personality and creativity.  He has a passion for refining his communication skills through public speaking, writing, and utilizing any visual medium that may help spread his message of positivity.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), Spadone has jump-started a career in public relations.  Through CSUN he partnered with a Small Business Innovation and Research Center (SBIR) at NASA as Director of Corporate Communications in 2015.  Spadone is currently pursuing a double minor in Sustainability and Urban Studies & Planning, and serves the CSUN community as the Social Media Officer at UPSN.

Spadone is hopeful that someday his interests and activities will shape him into a celebrated philanthropist.  In his spare time, he volunteers as a surf coach and ocean lifeguard in Santa Monica, CA, teaching children and adults the necessary mechanics and personal skills to excel inside and outside of the water.  View his original photography and passion for surf at

Event Coordinator – Liz Golden

Liz (edited)

Fundraising Coordinator – Kendall Irvin

Neighborhood Council Liaison – Jonathan Fox

APA Student Representatives – Christina Nguyen & Ali Sickels

The 2013-2014 Executive Board Members of the Urban Planning Students of Northridge are:









Not pictured: AnaLisa Campos, Treasurer; David Oulrey, Chair, APA Student Representative; Nour Chaban, APA LA Student Representative

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