8th Annual APA LA Student Symposium




8th Annual APA LA Student Symposium A HUGE Success!!

By Amy Turnbull

Urban Planning Students of Northridge, in association with the American Planning Association Los Angeles Chapter (APA LA), is honored to have sponsored the annual student symposium, “Sustainable SubUrbanism.” This event provided CSUN the opportunity to network with other area planning schools and planning professionals.

This year’s symposium was a tribute to sustainable practices at the community level, specifically, suburban communities. With concerns over urban and suburban sprawl, communities are looking for new planning strategies to make their neighborhoods more pedestrian friendly. Northridge Vision, a comprehensive community plan, was represented at the symposium by Semee Park of Council District 12, Steve Patel of Northridge East Neighborhood Council and Bob Scott of The Mulholland Group. The Warner Center 2035 Plan was represented by the consulting office of Rosenheim and Associates, in close association with Tom Glick, Los Angeles Department of City Planning. Also in attendance was Brian Ludicke, Planning Director of the City of Lancaster. Mr. Ludicke contributed to transforming Lancaster into a sustainable city by changing the relationship between land use, design and transportation. Lancaster is on target to become a Net Zero city by 2020.

Additional contributions were made by Howard Balentine of AECOM. Mr. Balentine discussed his analyses of GHG emissions and climate change adaptation, featured in Natural Gas and Electricity Magazine. Mr. Sam Gennawey’s presentation on Walt Disney was an interesting twist in planning theory. He believes Disney not only redefined the amusement park, he explored the creation of a sustainable community of tomorrow. Learn more about this in his book, “Walt Disney and the Promise of Progress City.” Sophia Cheng represented social justice on behalf of the Restaurant Opportunities of Los Angeles ROC-LA. UPSN was privileged to have these talented and influential participate in our event.

UPSN wants to give a big thank you to our speakers. We also wish to thank our panelists and alumni: Diana Yedoyan, Council District 14; Hakeem R. Davis, Property Profile USA; Yvette Lopez, Pacoima Beautiful and, in collaboration with USC, Nina Idemudia.

We wish to thank Council District 12 for their contribution to this event, as well as the Associated Students at CSUN, MX Graphics, Pinnacle Estate Properties Inc., Acapulco Restaurant, the Department of Urban Studies and Planning and, of course, APA LA.

Thank you to all who attended the 8th Annual APA LA Student Symposium at CSUN. We hope you enjoyed yourself. We are looking forward to the 9th Annual Symposium being hosted by Cal Poly Pomona this fall.

A special thank you to Mr. Dev Vrat for sharing his photos of the event with us, which you can see here.

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