Election Results for UPSN 2016-2017

The UPSN election results are in! On May 13, the Urban Studies & Planning student body chose their new representatives for the 2016-2017 school year.

Voter turn out was higher than previous years because Urban Planning minors were welcomed by the department to campaign and to cast ballots in this year’s election. Faculty advisor Professor Craig Olwert said, “It will be interesting to see the involvement of Urban Planning minors during club meetings in the coming months.” This is a remarkable precedent for the future of UPSN elections. We hope our ongoing commitment to inclusive practices will encourage more student participation.

Fourth-year Urban Planning major Susana Martinez has been elected President on the platform of unity. She plans to stimulate collective growth among club members through regularly scheduled outings to culturally rich areas in the Los Angeles County.  Read her full campaign statement, and the statements of the other nominees here:


Susana (edited)

President – Susana Martinez

Hello my name is Susana Martinez, I am a fourth year Urban Studies and Planning Major and I am running to be your next Urban Planning Students of Northridge President. Some items that I have planned for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year is visiting historic places all over the County of Los Angeles. Many of us may not know other areas of Los Angeles and it would be a great experience as Urban Planners to see what is our there. Additionally, I am planning to host study nights in where we can utilize the lab room more and bring our small major closer together. This year the APA California Conference will be held in Pasadena and it would be a great experience for us to socialize and get to know professionals. If I am elected President I will bring a variety of options to our students. Elect me to be your next UPSN President.

Sarah (edited)

Vice President – Sarah Boylan

As President, my main goals pertain to networking and projects on the CSUN campus. I would like to work on building stronger relationships with the city of Los Angeles, non profits, and other organizations for networking and recruiting opportunities for students. As for campus projects, there is a lack of seating in open green spaces like the Oviatt Lawn. These green spaces are virtually unused. They would be better served with movable benches and chairs so students can have green outdoor spaces to occupy. When I’m elected, I look forward to working with students on new projects to enhance the campus experience as well as learning from each other to succeed.

Raquel (edited)

Secretary – Raquel Menanno

Hi, my name is Raquel Menanno and I am running to be your UPSN secretary. I am running because I am committed to urban planning and would like to be more involved in this major. By being more involved, I hope to bring together those students who are passionate about urban planning through collaborative events and projects. As secretary, I will take on responsibilities similar to that of a project manager to facilitate and streamline work processes to make UPSN a cohesive, efficient, and functioning team. I am excited to be in this department and cannot wait to become more involved!

Aldo (edited)

Treasurer – Aldo Ortega

(Statement not provided)

Morgan (edited)

Media Manager – Morgan Spadone

Hello to all of my fellow students in the Urban Studies and Planning Department. I would like to formally announce my candidacy for the office of Social Media for UPSN (Urban Planning Students of Northridge). As a Public Relations major, I am proficient in writing and multi-media communications across all web-based platforms. My double minor in Urban Studies & Planning and Sustainability shows my commitment to this great department and to my peer groups within it.

If elected, I will: • Work with my fellow nominees and club members to pursue meaningful objectives for UPSN throughout the 2016-2017 school year • Develop media out-reach programs that will help raise money for students to attend the APA conference in New York • Re-establish UPSN’s communication network through WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, and other enlightened channels • Represent all UPSN members and the CSUN community at large.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Students Urban Research Forum (SURF) and for supporting me and the other participants in our panel presentations. The inspiration and comfort you instill to this great department does not go unnoticed. I wish our graduating seniors the best of luck in their future endeavors, and I encourage all continuing Urban Planning students, majors and minors, to vote Spadone for Social Media.

Liz (edited)

Event Coordinator – Liz Golden

(Statement not provided)

Fundraising – Kendall Irvin

I’m Kendall, and I’m running for the UPSN Treasurer position. The treasurer plays a vital role in any organization, but UPSN is particularly in need of someone who will be dedicated and thoughtful in this position. With so many events planned for the next year, including APA Conferences in Pasadena and New York City, and with the recent overall decline in AS funding, UPSN needs someone who will responsibly keep track of club funds and ensure that we can afford everything we want to accomplish. I believe I would be all this and more as UPSN Treasurer. I am a responsible and intelligent student, and I have experience working with billing and bookkeeping at my job as a Real Estate Assistant. I am passionate about UPSN and would love to see as many events fully funded as possible. Let me accomplish this and more by electing me to the position of Treasurer. Thank you!

Neighborhood Council Liaison – Jonathan Fox

(Statement not provided)

APA Student Representatives – Christina Nguyen & Ali Sickels

My name is Ali Sickels and I am running to be your USPN APA Student Representative. I am excited and determined to be more involved in the Urban Studies and Planning Department of CSUN. I would be honored to become the face of CSUN as a representative for the American Planners Association. I feel it is important to contribute to a team that is committed and motivated to learning more about urban planning and solving urban problems. My goal as APA representative would be to encourage student engagement with the APA while helping to ensure APA’s programs assist our fellow students’ interests. I am extremely willing and enthusiastic about being the bridge between CSUN students and the APA.

Faculty Advisor – Professor Craig Olwert Ph.D.

Congratulations to the new officers! Next year will be another great year!

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