FREE Workshop!




Please join the Urban Planning Students of Northridge this Wednesday, October 30th, in SH 278B from 6p-7p for a basic design workshop using Adobe Photoshop to help prepare for the upcoming APA LA Student Symposium being held at CSUN on November 9, 2013.

A poster lets you summarize your research in an engaging visual format. Effective Posers communicate the significance of the research and overview of how the research was conducted, the results and the implications of those results. Nearly every graduate program in nearly every major will, at some point require a poster presentation. Learning the art of preparing poster presentations is a valuable skill that will benefit students both in their educational endeavors and future careers.

Participating in the APA LA Student Symposium as a student poster presenter will not only give students the opportunity to show the work they have done and discuss their research in a professional setting, it also makes a great addition to a professional resume. To register for the 8th Annual APA LA Student Symposium, click here.

Please join us in SH 278B from 6PM-7PM for this exciting workshop! Download a free copy of Photoshop here: Please bring your laptop with Photoshop installed as well as any text you want to include in your poster and the workshop leader will assist you in developing your poster!


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One thought on “FREE Workshop!

  1. I am interested and have an idea for a poster board. When will this event be? I see currently it is under “TBA” status. Please advise when. Thanks.


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